Steve Wells: Art Collector, ALS Survivor

By Mark Skeffington Steve Wells’ hospital room walls are covered with Canadian art. Steve, who is North America’s longest living person with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), has made a conscious decision to surround himself with beautiful things that bring him joy as he continues to beat the odds against the terminal disease. "Yes, I have ALS. Yes, I reside in a hospital. SO WHAT! Life is what you make it, so If surrounding myself with art brings me pleasure, why wouldn't I do it,” … [Read more...]

Photographing Your Art Collection

By Mark Skeffington Everyone should photograph their art collection. Taking digital photographs of every valuable art piece you own provides a record of your art collection that can be useful if: 1.       Your art is stolen 2.       Your art is damaged 3.       Your art needs to be valued or appraised 4.       You pass away If, for example, your art was stolen or lost in a fire, what record would you have of what you owned? How would you prove to an insurance agent that you … [Read more...]

Museum celebrates art collecting

Tucked away in historic Queenston, Ontario is a small public art museum that celebrates art collecting and collectors. RiverBrink Art Museum houses the eclectic collection of Samuel E. Weir, an Ontario lawyer who had a passion for collecting paintings, sculpture, books, stamps, clocks and decorative arts – a collection of about 1,400 pieces. The love of collecting is stamped all over this little gem of a museum, which backs onto the picturesque Niagara River and is surrounded by beautiful … [Read more...]

Fine Art Collector news coverage's quest to turn more people on to the love of art collecting got a boost this past week when the Brantford Expositor daily newspaper profiled our new online art gallery. The story, by reporter Michelle Ruby, took up most of the section front called ENT (short for entertainment) on May 2. The headline described the gallery well: "Online gateway to fine art" founders Clayton Kenyon and Mark Skeffington were both quoted in the story. Clayton … [Read more...]