Fine Art Collector news coverage’s quest to turn more people on to the love of art collecting got a boost this past week when the Brantford Expositor daily newspaper profiled our new online art gallery.

The story, by reporter Michelle Ruby, took up most of the section front called ENT (short for entertainment) on May 2.

The headline described the gallery well: “Online gateway to fine art” founders Clayton Kenyon and Mark Skeffington were both quoted in the story.

Clayton probably put it best in describing the new venture: “We’re not really doing this as a business. We’re doing it for the love of art collecting.”

Mark also talked about the philosophy behind the website: helping people better understand the art market and thereby overcoming their fear of buying original art. “Our mission is to making buying original art an easy, affordable and enjoyable experience.”

Both Clayton and Mark also talked about how they both started collecting, buying pieces they liked and slowly growing their collections — advice they give to all art lovers.

Click on the photo to read the complete online story.