Island in the Sound | Donald A. Smith

Island in the Sound, 1987 Acrylic on Masonite Painting size: 12 X 14 inches. Framed size: approx. 18 X 20 inches. Price: $575 Details: Signed and dated lower right. Signed and titled on verso. Condition: Painting in very good condition; frame in poor condition. Provenance: Private Collection, Ontario; Whitten Gallery label. Additional photos and information available upon request. … [Read more...]

Algonquin Provincial Park | A.J. Casson

Canadian Pacific Serigraph, circa 1954 Size: 24 x 30 inches. Price: $1,200 Details: Signed in print lower right. Original frame: 27.5 X 33.5 inches. Stamp of the Canadian Pacific Public Relations Office on verso. Note: This serigraph was produced by Sampson-Matthews Ltd. for Canadian Pacific, but is not part of the Sampson-Matthews catalogue of silkscreens. The painting on which this serigraph was based is in the collection of Via Rail Canada. Provenance: Private Collection, … [Read more...]