About Fine Art Collector

Photo of FineArtCollector owner Mark Skeffington holding a Conrad Furey painting

FineArtCollector owner Mark Skeffington holds a Conrad Furey painting that is part of his art collection.

FineArtCollector.ca is an established online art gallery devoted to Canadian fine art.

FineArtCollector.ca is an alternative way to buy, sell, consign and collect Canadian art.

The gallery was originally launched by a pair of Ontario-based art lovers and art collectors with a strong interest in Canadian art: Clayton Kenyon and Mark Skeffington. The art gallery is now owned by FineArtCollector Ltd. and managed by Mark Skeffington.

FineArtCollector.ca believes original art should be accessible to everyone – art lovers of all kinds, from first-time buyers to longtime collectors.

Buying art

Shopping for and buying art can be intimidating.

Walking into an art gallery to view and buy art can be intimidating. The sale price for an artwork is rarely displayed, and some people are hesitant to ask. When someone does ask the price, they are sometimes taken aback.

Buying Canadian art at auction, whether live or online, can also be intimidating. You need to keep in mind that there will be a buyers premium tacked on top of any amount you bid – up to 25% in some cases. It’s possible you’ll get caught up in a bidding war with other bidders. The price you end up paying may be substantially more than you set out to pay or more than the artwork may be worth.

Selling art

Selling art can also be intimidating, whether selling one artwork or an Estate collection that’s been inherited. A seller can feel bewildered by the many avenues to sell art. They may not have the time to compare all the options, their costs and legal conditions. If someone opts to sell through an art auction company, a seller may face high consignment fees – of up to 25% in some cases – plus other expenses.

Buying and selling art doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

FineArtCollector.ca takes the fear factor out of buying, selling, consigning and collecting Canadian art.

We offer an alternative to art dealers/art auction houses and Internet classifieds to buy and sell Canadian art, providing friendly, personal and professional service.

FineArtCollector showcases quality art by listed Canadian artists in a variety of mediums, styles and price points – and prices are clearly indicated.

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